Popular Designs - Work Cases

Work cases are a popular design used by technicians on the road. They house tools, equipment, and double as both transport containers and work stations. Other popular designs include wardrobe and prop cases, merchandising cases, lighting cases, and "coffins" as the ones described below.

Popular Designs - Coffins

The Big Deal half and full coffins are very popular with our customers in the entertainment industry. Typically they are used for storing cable and assorted loose items associated with a production. They are designed and manufactured to withstand the extreme rigors of repeated transport. The standard Big Deal Coffins constructed of 3/4" - 13 ply Baltic Birch. All joints are glued, nailed, and screwed. 


Popular Designs - Wardrobe Gondolas 

Big Deal wardrobe cases come fully customized to suit your tour's needs. Modular design, custom LED lighting and electronics, and specialized additional organization make Big Deal wardrobes the best choice to transport and store your valuable costumes and accessories.