Pricing and Payment

Q: How can I pay for my case?


We accept Visa and Mastercard. Payment terms can also be arranged for corporate customers as necessary and on an individual basis. We do not accept American Express.

Q: How do I get a quote?


Visit our Quote page and submit our Quotation Request Form.

Alternatively if you are not sure what is available for your needs, call or email us with the details and we will work with you to come up with the case that works for you.

Q: What will it cost?


Due to the custom nature of our product this is hard to estimate. Having encountered many inferior products selling at much higher prices we are tempted to brag. Our combination of experience, manufacturer direct sales and low Canada-US currency ratios offer customers very competitive prices.

About Our Cases

Q: My case latch broke. What do I do?


We have a fully stocked hardware department with all the equipment required to repair your case or replace components. We will ship parts, arrange for local repair if necessary or arrange for the return of the case to our shop. Aside from a major shipping accident, repairs and part replacements should not be an issue. We also stock replacement parts for all Pelican Storm and Nanuk cases on site. 

Q: What do you mean by "Hardwood Cases"?


Big Deal offers a line of Hardwood Cases for heavy duty use as is commonly seen in the entertainment industry. These cases are generally constructed of imported 3/4" 13 layer Baltic Birch plywood and reinforced with solid hardwood bracings. Please see our Hardwood Case page for more information.

Q: What is an ATA Flight Case?


An ATA flight case is a reusable shipping container that has been approved for air transport by the Air Transport Association of America. The term "ATA" can be somewhat misleading however as there are many specifications put out by the ATA for reusable shipping containers. An ATA Specification 300 Category II container, for instance, is designed to have a life of only 10 trips. Big Deal cases have undergone compliance testing for ATA Specification 300 Category I, which specifies containers designed to withstand at least 100 trips. Consumers should be careful to request information on rating, testing and specifications from the manufacturer. Often products advertised as Flight Cases are Category II "short life reusable shipping containers". As well, consumers should be cautious when considering cases offered as "ATA Style Flight Cases," as the design and construction of which have likely not been tested. It is worth asking a few questions before making a purchase decision. Please see our Flight Case page for more information.

Q: What is FiberLex?


FiberLex is a trade name adopted by Big Deal to describe its exclusive case design. Essentially, FiberLex is a twin-wall polycarbonate bonded to a fiberglass skin. This material is used in the panel sections of our cases and is combined with lightweight aluminum hardware. Although there is no replacement for the shear strength of our custom ATA cases, there is call for a strong, custom, light weight case. FiberLex answers that call with the lightest case design available today. See our FiberLex page for more information.